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Dine with a local


About Dine with a local

Dine with a local

Experience true South African hospitality, culture and talent when you sharing a meal with locals living in the local George community. Enjoy neighbourhood artists, singers, poets or dancers, making every visit authentic and one of a kind. Visitors can book their seat or a long table for a true cultural experience and interact with local artist, neighbours and host families.

Our Tables include various cultural evenings that South Africa has to offer

  • Xhosa
  • Cape Malay
  • Afrikaans
  • Khoi
Get a real taste of Xhosa cuisine when you dine with a local family in their home. Visitors will have a unique opportunity to experience the culture, traditions and get to know the local people by sharing a meal with them. The Experience also includes activities such as welcome dance, art exhibitions, cooking classes, storytelling and traditional cuisines interaction with unforgettable people. You can expect tasty chicken giblets, steam bread, spicy vegetables, locally produced wine, homemade ginger beer and for those wanting to taste new food types even traditional Xhosa dishes.
A colourful display of spices and decor will catch your eye the moment you walk in at the Cape Malay Evening. The host share childhood memories of her family and her love for food with her guests. Enjoy the sound of a local band and be introduced to paintings from one of the most talented local artist in George. Each dish comes with a story and the host will share her cooking style and tell tourist what spices is used in what dishes.
At Ronnie’s Kitchen you will feel like walking into a friend’s home for dinner. A warm heartfelt experience packed with scrumptious meals being complimented with entertainment such as storytelling, poetry and songs played on the beat of Harambe drums. Pacaltsdorp with its rich heritage are strategically placed in the Garden Route, with unique attractions, combined with food from the heart, makes Ronnie’s Kitchen a definite tourist destination.
At Ronnie’s Kitchen we guarantee a lifetime experience with good food and much laughter. Our signature dish is Snoek and Patat (sweet potato) made to perfection on an open flame. Ronnie shares her fish recipe by combining secret spices together as a special gift to her guest.
Come and explore SA’s heritage and authentic local dishes. With our regions cold & wet & sunny days & enjoyable evenings – it’s the perfect excuse to get the family, friends, tourists together to come and experience local diversity through, indigenous story-telling, riel dance, local food, poetry and indigenous herbal tea tastings & foot baths. SCRUMPTIOUS ROOSTER KOEK with traditional braai Tjop & wors– a simple recipe baked on a grill / rooster over an open fire for a modest but simple meal, eaten with butter & jam. The ROOSTERKOEK was perfected by the nomadic Khoi & San groups like the Nama who also called it ‘askoek’.
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